Kindness Strengthens Humanity

I always teach my clients to speak in picture words, so when I say the word “kindness” to you what picture do you see in your mind? Holding a door open, carrying groceries for someone, taking food over to someone’s house who lost a loved one or maybe they are ill. There are so many………

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Do you know the difference between Gratitude and Thankfulness?

Gratitude and Thankfulness are often used interchangeably yet, they are very different in meaning. Gratitude is being appreciative for kindness, wellness, food or other things you have in your life. Gratitude goes far beyond saying, “Thank you” as it involves a genuine feeling that leads to an action increasing your well-being. Thankfulness is expressed to…

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Forgiveness is Powerful Medicine

Next to learning to love yourself, nothing is more powerful for the healing of deep wounds than forgiveness. Most people have misconceptions about the true nature of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not only about extending goodness and mercy to those who have caused you pain; it is about loving yourself enough to forgive yourself for listening…

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Learning to Love YOURSELF!

A woman standing on top of a hill with mountains in the background.

One of the most difficult lessons we must learn through living is learning to “Love Yourselfâ€. You are born with the natural ability to love – unconditionally. You are born a clean slate full of this wonderful loving feeling. Yet slowly day by day without even our knowledge we are taught our “unlovingnessâ€. The societal…

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Excuses & Forgiveness

A woman standing on the side of a building near the ocean.

Take what God has given you and make the most of your life! Quit making excuses! I know so many people who instead of taking responsibility for their life and creating the life they really want –  will talk and talk and talk giving reason after reason to “justify” the life they are not happy…

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Good & Worthy

A woman standing in front of an old greek temple.

You are born worthy – your worth is intertwined with your very being. The concept of your self-worth is reinforced by your actions. I am not talking about self esteem – that is simply how you feel about yourself at any given moment. Your worth is not your intelligence, talent, looks, etc… Your worth is…

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