Ask Mary Ellen’s Client Reviews

"Mary Ellen’s books of wisdom and Truths led me to hire her as my “Mindfulness Coach.” She coached me like an athlete, pushing me, encouraging me, and inspiring me to change my thoughts and change my life."


"I use to go to bed depressed, wake up depressed and stay depressed for most of the day. I saw my life full of nothing except one problem after another. After working with R.E.A.L Health, I learned how to turn my “problems” into misperceptions as I learned how to see things differently.

Mary Ellen is kind, considerate and compassionate as she teaches you how to live from unconditional love and Truth."


"I live in Germany. Mary Ellen and I connect through using Instagram’s private sessions. She taught me how I am not alone in any of the challenges I face. I understand that I was the only person holding myself back from creating the life I deserve. Through her Truth principles, that I now practice everyday, I know I can have all the love, abundance and happiness I want – because I deserve it!"

"I am not fond of life coaches or counselors as I have wasted my money on way too many. From reading Mary Ellen’s Truth of the day posts, I connected with her. From our very first session I knew I had found the Mindfulness coach that was right for me! Mary Ellen not only writes these Truths; she teaches them in a way you can understand them and use them in your life. She is a fantastic example of living a Truthful life with no motives, judgements or expectations."


"I was always full of worry. My husband and I argued constantly about everything. I struggled just to get through my day. Then over social media I found Ask Mary Ellen and R.E.A.L Health.  She taught me how to let go of worry. I learned how to communicate and listen effectively to my husband so we can speak without arguing.

I look forward to learning more life skills with Mary Ellen at R.E.A.L Health because I am finally beginning to love life again!"

"When you want a life filled with peace, love, happiness and everything good you will connect with R.E.A.L Health and Mary Ellen. She gave me techniques, activities and introduced me to a new way of thinking. I am aware of myself in every “Now” moment as I begin to create the life I deserve."


"Even though I now live in Kansas, I knew Mary Ellen from my short time living in Chattanooga. When my husband asked for a divorce, I called R.E.A.L Health for support.

She worked with me totally supporting me through my divorce. I continued to work with Mary Ellen after the divorce because I knew I had to heal the pain. I learned how to love myself unconditionally as I grew from being “needy” to being Self-Aware.

From time to time, I connect for what I call an “Ask Mary Ellen refresher.” Reading her books helps to keep me centered in unconditional love and Truth."

Mary Ellen appreciates speaking with anyone who wishes to make their life better. She can help you find that perfect relationship, deal with divorce or grief. Mary Ellen can assist in dealing with your children or teens due to her many years as a middle school teacher.


Are you or do you know anyone who has been newly diagnosed with a “disease” they think is “unmanageable”? Call Mary Ellen because she can give you a new sense of healing hope.


Your first 30-minute session is free!


Sincerely with love,

Mary Ellen Ciganovich

Director of the R.E.A.L. Health Mindfulness Education Center