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Take No Thoughts for Spiritual Wellness

By mec1952 | May 15, 2022

The secret to spiritual wellness comes from knowing your “thoughts” create your reality.Your “thoughts” can keep your spirit (soul) in harmony or your “thoughts” can throw yourspirit (soul) into disharmony. This process or choice is entirely up to you! Your soul along with your mind create your Internal Guidance System. Choosing yourthoughts is critical to…

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Live with Love

By mec1952 | Apr 30, 2022

 You attempt to control all that does not work for you. Just allow. Just let it be. Learn from it, instead of side stepping your lessons and trying to avoid them! Control is never an act of love only fear All things in due time. Not human time but God’s time! And since God does not…

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God is Love

By mec1952 | Apr 15, 2022

I love you. How can I when I find it so hard to love myself? I want so much for you to care about me and make me special. First, I must feel special About myself! This is very hard work! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and you are very worthwhile to me. Now I…

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Seeing Your Reflection

By mec1952 | Mar 31, 2022

Your humaneness talks of what others have done. “Can you believe it……. ?” “I would never…!” ” Did you hear…?” In doing this you are only demeaning yourself. Gossip does not build you up, it tears you down. It is one of the root misperceptions of life. Why do you defile yourself while you also…

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Find Yourself In Faith

By mec1952 | Mar 15, 2022

 No accident exists in this world. Accidents are simply God’s wake-up call for you to look inside yourself and learn. Every incident, every place, every person has a purpose all good, all loving, all real. Learn the lessons you refuse to learn and accidents will cease to surround you. Reach inside yourself and risk! It is…

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By mec1952 | Feb 24, 2022

To find these a balanced approach is always best. When you rely on one thing or one person too much you will loose your equilibrium and fall off your path into the water with no paddle at all! Know that you are never alone – just look around you to seek encouragement, motivation, and role models.

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Drama & Energy

By mec1952 | Feb 10, 2022

Become willing to look past the heat of the moment to exercise patience and control. Take time to interact with others as you move through difficult situations.

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Birth and Identity

By mec1952 | Jan 26, 2022

At the moment of your birth, you are perfectly in touch with God/Nature/The Universe. As you grow much of the “human experience” is removed and you tend to forget you are a product of the natural world. Your feelings are an authentic response to your natural stimulus. When you discover the sites, sounds, and scents…

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Mood & Thoughts

By mec1952 | Jan 15, 2022

Accept that bouts of dispiritedness are God’s Way of telling you to relax and recharge. A low mood may plague you today preventing you from addressing your lengthy list of holiday duties. You may feel discouraged or irritated by worldly distractions. Relief can be found in the gentle embrace of solitude. You may be dealing…

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