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Good & Worthy

By mec1952 | Oct 10, 2021

You are born worthy – your worth is intertwined with your very being. The concept of your self-worth is reinforced by your actions. I am not talking about self esteem – that is simply how you feel about yourself at any given moment. Your worth is not your intelligence, talent, looks, etc… Your worth is…

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Energy & Personal Power

By mec1952 | Sep 18, 2021

Lift your energy to attract love. You will always attract what you are. When you want to attract love you must first love yourself.  You will then see in your outer world what you are in your inner world. Did you know that more than one half of the people in this world do not…

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Attitude About Life

By mec1952 | Sep 1, 2021

A disciplined attitude will assist you in meeting all of your goals – at work, at home and at school. At times this might mean you set aside an enjoyable opportunity in order to complete a project. At other times, you can discipline yourself to find inspiration through taking time off to relax with family…

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Correct Choices

By mec1952 | Aug 26, 2021

Assist others to choose correctly by first YOU choosing correctly! You cannot make anyone else better or worse. The only person you can “make” better or worse is yourself- through your choices. You can assist someone else and point them in the direction they should go – and you can help someone to make a…

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Your Future You

By mec1952 | Aug 1, 2021

Open your eyes to let the future in! Your future is right now in front of you right now at this very moment. With each and every choice you make with every bit of energy you expel or choose not to expel your shaping your future it always amazes me when I work with clients…

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Overcoming Sadness

By mec1952 | Jul 18, 2021

Your key to happiness is to become awake and aware of what is really happening. Most people stay absorbed and thoughts of their past their future their troubled life or other peoples lives. Many of these thoughts just tend to get lost without adding any joy or enhancement to your life. Happiness is in your…

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Take Control!

By mec1952 | Jul 1, 2021

When a door closes take a moment to distance yourself. When one door closes do not stand there leaning against it refusing stubbornly to move. The door that closed provoked lost only when you cannot see any other way. There is always a much bigger and better door opening right in front of you. In…

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Thoughts on Motive

By mec1952 | Jun 18, 2021

Great is the reward to those who help and give to others without thought of self. Helping and giving to others is not always easy. It takes time out of your busy day and it might require you to spend some funds out of your already tight budget. When you were put in a situation…

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Happiness & Purpose

By mec1952 | Jun 1, 2021

People are not looking for the meaning of life rather people are looking for the meaning in life a lot of people search and search for the meaning of life. Actually you were searching for some meaning in your life. When you have a purpose a true calling you are at peace and you do…

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