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Your True Self

By mec1952 | Nov 30, 2022

There will be times in your life when it seems like everything is falling apart. People die, a relationship crumbles, and even your once stable career is in shambles. These external factors may shift and your internal “core knowing’s” remain steadfast. Lean on your “core self”. This is your opportunity to learn your true identity.…

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Conquer Fear with Love

By mec1952 | Nov 15, 2022

In Truth, there are only two emotions: Love or Fear. You have been taught, erroneously, there are tons of emotions from happiness, joy, surprise and calmness to rage, anger, jealousy, and resentment. All your positive emotions come from the loving place within you. All your negative emotions come from your fear-based mind-set. These fear-based thoughts,…

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Continued Improvement

By mec1952 | Oct 30, 2022

When you consistently improve yourself and your circumstances, your process of growth is enhanced. It is easy to just “ride the tide” of where you are now, especially if you are somewhat successful. When you seek opportunities to keep improving yourself, and your circumstances, you continually create more abundance. Through continued improvement of yourself you…

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Let Go and Find Peace

By mec1952 | Oct 15, 2022

As you name your feelings you tame your feelings. This allows you to respond appropriately. You retake control of your personal power through becoming courageous enough to say these feelings aloud.  When you understand the emotions, you can control them instead of allowing your emotions to control you. This empowers you to let go of…

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Reprogram Your Life

By mec1952 | Sep 30, 2022

Thoughts are things. They contain a certain amount of electrical energy. Successful people focus on thoughts to bring opportunities for success into their lives. If you are a person who focuses on negativity or what you do not want to come into your life – you are giving energy to creating exactly what you don’t…

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Make Room for Abundance

By mec1952 | Sep 15, 2022

A calm flow of energy encourages feelings of serenity. Remove any clutter or excess from your surroundings to begin a feeling of calm to flow through your home.  All of us go through times when we desire to purchase items and too many of them create feelings of stagnant energy. When an item no longer…

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Take Care of Yourself

By mec1952 | Aug 30, 2022

Taking responsibility for your health assists you to become aware of the choices you make that contribute to your well-being. All of your choices are important to your health, from the thoughts you think, daily exercise you do or don’t do and every food or drink you consume. Your “TRUTHFUL” answers to these questions help you…

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Life is an Adventure, Live It

By mec1952 | Aug 15, 2022

Life’s many obstacles are there for you to learn from and to strengthen you. Become determined to push through them. It is easy for you to do this when you understand YOU are the creator of your experiences. Focus on a positive outcome in all situations. Decide everything works out for your highest good. Now…

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Create Change with Words

By mec1952 | Jul 30, 2022

You create a positive change in your life through choosing words that will create a positive picture of life. Your tone of voice is a particularly important facet of conveying your words correctly. As our society moves forward language must be examined for any phrases no longer serving society. Watch your language carefully for phrases…

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