Mindfulness and Control

Mindfulness teaches you to let go of anything you try to
control outside of yourself. In Truth, the only thing you ever
can control is YOU!
Humans like to have control. They like to know what is
happening or going to happen in their life. Life just doesn’t
work that way. The more you try to control life situations or
other people the less control you will have.
You will create stress, anxieties and worrisome thoughts.
You will create troubling issues in your relationships and
you will create chaos in any situation.
Most people are not even aware of their controlling habits.
One key to becoming aware of any “control issue” you may
have is to ask yourself, “Are you critical of others when they
don’t do things your way?”
Controlling people:
Have difficulty delegating tasks
Need to be in charge so they can make important decisions
Become frustrated by others advice
Frequently criticize others
When not in control they feel anxious or stressed
To become aware of Controlling habits:
Reflect on your interactions with others
Ask trusted friends to give you feedback

Put yourself in their shoes to understand their perspectives
Understand that not everything will be done your way
Any change takes time and a willingness to grow. Letting go
of being controlling is worthwhile as it builds healthier
Always remember the only person you can control is
yourself, your behavior, and your choices.
Today decided to become Aware. Make the choice to let go of
any controlling behavior.
I am always here to help you.
Sincerely with love,
Ask Mary Ellen