Books Authored by Mary Ellen Ciganovich

Truth Lives / Reviews

"An outstanding book everyone needs Mary Ellen Ciganovich shares the many Truths she has learned throughout her tumultuous life. These Truths teach you how to live a good life, be productive and happy with yourself."


"Truth Lives continues Mary Ellen's journey to inspire the world. These messages of Truth speak to the heart. They inspire you to live each day with unconditional love. This is the kind of book you can pick up and read from cover to cover or just open up to any page for a daily inspiration."


"A very special book Mary Ellen has really created something special when she wrote "Truth Lives". We live around so much negativity. "Truth Lives" brings positivity and healing, light into every day. Her words will keep you thinking positive!"


"It's simple, powerful and just what everyone needs when so much of the world seems to be swirling in darkness.  Order "Truth Lives" now. #Truth #inspirational"

Healing Words / Reviews

"This book is written to address your soul. When your soul needs a tune-up or your life lacks meaning, Healing Words Life Lessons to Inspire will give you back your enthusiasm for life."


"This book of powerful Truths helped me to better understand myself. Healing Words Life Lessons to Inspire is full of powerful insights that helped me to let go of the past and feel less anxious."


"Through reading Healing Words Life Lessons to Inspire, I was blessed by the nuggets of Truths and the practical applications for these in my life. Healing Words challenged me to look inward, love myself and forgive any emotional wounds as that is where all healing begins."

T.R.U.T.H. Taking Responsibility Unleashes True Healing / Reviews

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"These "Truths" on how to live a good life and create the life you deserve changed my life. I have bought several copies to have on hand to give as gifts. I now live a happy productive life and recommend this book to anyone."


"I found this book of Truths to be so inspiring! Every truth is spot on for living a peaceful, happy, successful, life!"


"I loved this book and couldn't put it down. Now I begin each day by flipping to one of the pages to keep that “Truth of the day" with me all day."


"After losing my husband of 51 years, I needed to find a way to keep doing, Finding T.R.U.T.H Taking Responsibility Unleashes True Healing was a godsend as while reading it I found I was much better than just okay I was still loved because I love MYSELF!"


"This book will leave you with so many lessons every reader needs to tale responsibility and learn. T.R.U.T.H. Taking Responsibility Unleashes True Healing"