Mindful Awareness

A poster of awareness of self with a sunset in the back

All mindfulness practices center around Awareness, because until youare aware of your own behavior you cannot change or fix your life. Evenwhen you want too.You will see the same problems (misperceptions) over and over againwondering why your life just isn’t working the way you want it tohappen. Until you “wake up” to your behaviors you…

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Mindfulness and Control

Mindfulness and Control quote with a mountain in the back

Mindfulness teaches you to let go of anything you try to control outside of yourself. In Truth, the only thing you ever can control is YOU! Humans like to have control. They like to know what is happening or going to happen in their life. Life just doesn’t work that way. The more you try…

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Are you a Love giver or taker?

AN elder couple standing together and posing for a picture.

“Human beings are sent to earth to give love to the world, yet most humans search to take love from our world.” I thought this to be a very interesting quote because it is so profound. Humans take and take and take until the earth has nothing left to give. How does this quote relate…

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Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving with a woman smiling

Giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of God’s energy. Your willingness to give to others that which you seek keeps the abundance of energy circulating through all our lives. This flow of energy is necessary for life. We receive oxygen from trees and plants while they receive carbon dioxide from us.…

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A woman is holding a pan in her hands.

Curing a bad Temper During certain times of the year people seem to be irritated quicker than at other times. The holidays bring on many frustrations because not only do you have your regular tasks to do, you have the additional stresses and strains of the holidays. Buying presents, wrapping presents, mailing presents, added money…

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Planning & Organizing

A bunch of balloons in different colors

Planning and organizing are important to achieve any kind of dream, goal or success. Yet, planning and organization are extremely important during the holiday season. Both of these traits can keep holidays from being stressful or anxious. According to the dictionary Planning is the process of deciding how to do something before you start to…

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What is Mindfulness? We hear a lot about Mindfulness and what exactly is meant by that term – Mindfulness – and what is the difference between Spirituality, Attitudinal Awareness and Mindfulness. Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul instead of material or physical things. Attitudinal Awareness is being aware…

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