Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of God’s energy. Your willingness to give to others that which you seek keeps the abundance of energy circulating through all our lives.

This flow of energy is necessary for life. We receive oxygen from trees and plants while they receive carbon dioxide from us. Insects receive nectar from flowers while they give the gift of pollination. You find these symbiotic relationships throughout nature and since you are also part of nature you must give as well as receive.

Neither is necessarily better than the other; depending on the type of giver you are. Spending more time thinking about ways to give is often accompanied by feelings of peace and joy. You must become conscious of your relationship with giving in order not to give too much or too little. Many people are comfortable giving yet have a hard time receiving from others.

You can give compliments, a flower, kindness, thanks, attention to someone, help when needed and of course a gift. There are as many ways to receive as there are to give. From the earth we receive sunlight, water to drink, air to breathe and the wonderful sounds animals make. From another person you can receive compliments, gifts, attention, love, cards, flowers, or friendship.

Anne Frank once said: “no one has ever become poor from giving.”

The most important thing to remember about giving and receiving is your intention behind it. There are 3 types of givers:

1. Takers – people who are trying to get as much as possible from others. Expectations – give to get.

2. Matchers- these are people who if they did you a favor or gave you a gift would expect one back. Just as good or better. Motives- giving to match.

3. Givers – go out of their way to support and help you, with no strings attached. Give from their heart. No expectations, motives or judgments.

Identify why you are giving? Have to? Expectations? Understand how you feel when you give to _____?

If you feel as though you have lost something or you feel down about giving to ____ then that is not truly giving; that is an obligation.

Give to others what you want from others. If you want joy give joy, attention give attention to others, peace give peace, if you want to be materially affluent help others become materially affluent, and if love give love to others and first love yourself.

As you go through your life, ask yourself what gifts can I give to other’s or how can I help another person.

Be a gracious giver and a humble receiver.

Sincerely with love,

Ask Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Ciganovich).