Planning & Organizing

Planning and organizing are important to achieve any kind of dream, goal or success. Yet, planning and organization are extremely important during the holiday season. Both of these traits can keep holidays from being stressful or anxious.

According to the dictionary Planning is the process of deciding how to do something before you start to do it.

While organizing is defined as the activity and skill of carrying out the plan. Organization is also defined as to arrange and set things in order, which is what you do when carrying out a plan.

Needless to say, you must make a plan before you can go forward with organizing it.

Thanksgiving Dinner – Plan: where, what is being served, who is cooking or bringing a dish. Drinks people will want to drink. Consider allergies, children, older adults etc. Time to sit down to eat.

Organizing- buy the food, set the tables, is the yard mowed, when to begin recipes, when to begin cooking.

This plan and organization begins long before Thanksgiving!