Taking Responsibility Unleashes True Healing

Truth is not just something to read. It’s a prompt for us to use in our reflection when examining who we are.

True healing begins within yourself when you become AWARE of your TRUTH. Before you look outside yourself for ANY kind of healing philosophy (be it medical, holistic, herbal or otherwise), you must filter your thoughts, detoxify your body and settle your soul. Because when any of these three human aspects are out of balance – a disease (or diagnosis) will come into your system to “wake you up” and bring your attention into focus. buy the book on amazon


T.R.U.T.H. voted 6th of the Best 21 Books to Get Inspired by Fupping>>“It has been my great honor to witness the light that is Mary Ellen Ciganovich shine over the years.
She first came to my attention with her first book and after interviewing her on my radio program and staying connected via social media we became friends.
The way she has used her platform is a reminder for all of us as to the responsibility we have while on this earth: to be of service and to let our light shine bright. Mary Ellen has done that and with this book she has given us a way to daily reflect on who we are, who we can be and how we go about getting there.”Cyrus Webb, media personality/ Top Reviewer Read More