There will be times in your life when it seems like everything is falling apart. People die, a relationship crumbles, and even your once stable career is in shambles. These external factors may shift and your internal “core knowing’s” remain steadfast. Lean on your “core self”. This is your opportunity to learn your true identity.

When you place your identity and “sense of self” on external factors you risk losing everything as external factors can and will change. As the external changes, you are given the opportunity to discover your power found in your true “sense of Self.”

Your true “sense of Self” is your core connection to your “Higher Power” God/The Universe or whatever you wish to name it. This core connection is never affected by any circumstances governing your physical reality.

Your true Self, your Truth, never changes as it simply is Truth.

Every one of you have a “spiritual self” that infuses your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. This “spiritual self” is not small or big it is both at the same time. Your individual spirit is like a drop in the ocean of the whole world’s spiritual energy.

Your spirit inhabits your body similar to a passenger riding in a car. At the same time, your spirit is not bound by your body. How many times have you thought of someone when all of a sudden you hear from them? Spirits can reach across miles, time, and space to touch the heart of a loved one or friend.

Your spirit is ever renewing, ageless and eternal. This “spiritual self” is not old or new, big, or small. It is all of these at once. Your “spiritual self” connects you to your oneness and the changeless energy of our world.

Today open yourself up to the fullness of your spirit. Connect to your Truth through your “core Self.’