Open your eyes to let the future in! Your future is right now in front of you right now at this very moment. With each and every choice you make with every bit of energy you expel or choose not to expel your shaping your future it always amazes me when I work with clients who are waiting for a future moment to suddenly appear make that moment happen make choices that will surround you with the future life you want to create when you were undecided as to what it is that you want to do with your life you are blind you must open your eyes to let the future end with the lighting do not be afraid because you can accomplish anything you want in your life. Today let’s all choose to leave the world a better place by opening our eyes to our futures and the joy that we have right in front of us!

The key to living a life full of life is to accept and allow yourself. Accept yourself with all of your human flaws. Allow yourself give yourself permission to love yourself especially with this flaws. We compassionate with yourself and others knowing they need encouragement just as much as you do. Become grateful for everything in your life by spending a few moments every day thanking God for his goodness. Show appreciation to the universe by doing things for others or giving your time and talents. Risk being vulnerable in order to have true intimacy with one another. Finally, practice the art of receiving as this is just as important as giving. Accept and allow.

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