Great is the reward to those who help and give to others without thought of self. Helping and giving to others is not always easy. It takes time out of your busy day and it might require you to spend some funds out of your already tight budget. When you were put in a situation to help someone it is the right thing to do even when it turns out that someone has used you for their own motives. Stick to the fact that you did the right thing. They will be punished for using you it is not for you to judge. Allow God to handle the details. Just do the right thing and go on about your business. When you were helping and giving to others make sure you were doing it simply because you want to help. There should be no motives on your part and no expectations of anything in return! I think today about someone in your life that may need assistance.

Know what motivates you. Whatever you are committed to is what motivates you so what are you committed to? Are you committed to your ego money or material possessions? Is that what motivates you or is it your soul? Do you choose peace tranquility and truth? Most of you would say that you’re committed to both but how can you be? The outer self craves expensive clothes cars etc. well your inner soul wants love and nothing more. When God touches your heart with unconditional love, do you feel it and except it? Who are you and what are you committed to? Maybe you can balance both I don’t know. God will respect your choice and love you forever no matter what! I think today about what motivates you.

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