In truth, there are only two emotions: love or fear. You have been taught, erroneously, there are tons of emotions from Happiness, joy, surprise and calmness to rage, anger, jealousy, and resentment. All of your positive emotions come from the loving place within you. All your negative emotions come from your fear-based mind set.

These fear-based thoughts words and deeds you are taught day-by-day through what you read or watch need to be discarded or they will flourish like weeds! Focusing on any purple emotions such as worried, stress, anxiety, anger, negativity or complaining will not help any situation to be better. It will however make things worse or make you sick. Being stuck and fear breeds more fear, more negativity, more of everything you DON’T WANT!

The good news is you’re loving and motion should be fertilized and cultivated so they can grow stronger with each passing day. As you focus on your loving positive thoughts and emotion you drop more love into your life. You begin to open opportunities in your life for everything you DO WANT!

Today come from a loving heart, loving attitude and loving mind as you drop any of your fears. To any situation or person, take time to respond out of love rather than reaching out of here you do not have to agree with what is being presented to me. Always have enough respect for yourself and the other person to address them kindly as you state your opinion.

How many times have you reacted to what someone said or did then later came back to apologize? You assume this about the person, or you assumed this about the situation instead of taking a moment to respond your ego Pushes you to jump in with your immensely powerful usually incorrect opinion. Think before you speak  is a powerful role of them to go buy in life.

If someone comes at you from a fear-based tone, yelling, screaming, insulting ECT. Stop and say to them,” what I need for me from you is_____” to stop yelling and calm down or take a break so we may speak as adults.

If they continue in their negative fear-based way, then you must walk away until the person is ready to speak. 

Take no thought 

Thoughts are things. They contain a certain amount of electrical energy. Successful people focus on thoughts to bring opportunities for success into their lives. If you are a person who focuses on negativity or what you do not want to come into your life – you are giving energy to create exactly what you don’t want!

The key to reprogramming your brain is through your thoughts. Your thoughts are the driving force behind the software your brain uses daily. As you raise your children, and they hear your negative comments they turn these into thoughts were children then repeat these negative words to themselves. You are programming your children to have a negative outlook on life. When you stay positive words to your children and you repeat them, you are programming your children to have a positive thoughts in their future.

Your brain will deceive you unless you reprogram it. You fabricate your reality through your thoughts. It is important to write to your brain for success through positive thoughts. Self-talk is an important part of programming or reprogramming your brain. As are affirmations. You must be aware of the thoughts running through your brain. Choose to actually reprogram your brain buy using different thoughts! When a negative thought comes back to haunt you visualize a powerful positive thoughts pushing it out of your mind and destroying it.

 Today be aware of all of your thoughts because to change your life you must change your thoughts.