The secret to spiritual wellness comes from knowing your “thoughts” create your reality.
Your “thoughts” can keep your spirit (soul) in harmony or your “thoughts” can throw your
spirit (soul) into disharmony. This process or choice is entirely up to you!

Your soul along with your mind create your Internal Guidance System. Choosing your
thoughts is critical to keeping you guided and balanced. You must become aware of your
thoughts. Be aware of the fact that YOU are choosing your thoughts. You are creating
what you want and you are creating what you do not want. Becoming aware of this Truth
is an essential aspect toward creating a peaceful life.

In the New Testament of the Bible – Christ says, “Take No Thought”. This is exactly what
He meant. We, as humans, have broken this down to mean,” take no thought for what
you should eat or where you may rest etc……. I KNOW Jesus Christ meant, “TAKE NO
THOUGHT! Our thoughts and our “choices of thoughts” are the actions that precede all
our illnesses or our wellness our misfortunes or our abundance.

ALL LIFE experiences began as a thought first conceived in your mind. This thought
then produces a feeling in your “knowings” – the center of your being – your soul.
Thoughts and feelings always go hand in hand causing turmoil, stress, anxiety and
anger or peace, wellness, and beauty. One comes from fear (turmoil, stress etc…) the
other from love ( peace, wellness, etc…..)

When you are aware of your “Inner Guidance system” – your thoughts – you can then
make loving choices “of thoughts” allowing fear ” thoughts” to fall by the wayside.
The Bible says, “what you fear shall come to pass”. This is true and probably not for the
reasons you think. Fears that you carry around with you are there for you to learn from
so you may have a peaceful life. When you refuse to learn an accident (fear in physical
form) will happen to wake you up.

This also applies to people close to you such as family members and very close friends.
When a person close to you receive a diagnosis of a disease you can assist them into a
wellness state by sticking with a mental picture of that person becoming better day by
day. Do now “buy into” the “fear picture” of whatever the disease paints.

I know for some of you this is a different way of thinking. So take a quiet moment to re
read this article later in the day. Your life experience is created by your beliefs,
expectations, or whatever you focus your powerful mind upon! So “TAKE NO
THOUGHT” that does NOT allow you to be your loving, true, good, whole, well – “Child
of God” self. Always GOOD thoughts!