When a door closes take a moment to distance yourself. When one door closes do not stand there leaning against it refusing stubbornly to move. The door that closed provoked lost only when you cannot see any other way. There is always a much bigger and better door opening right in front of you. In order to see it distance yourself. When you distance yourself you can see the range of opportunities and possibilities that are coming to you. It is very much like the difference between looking at your house from the street versus looking at your house from a small airplane. From the street you can only see the front yet from the air you can see the front back roof and everything! Today distance yourself to see all of your many opportunities.

Take command of your life! Feel what needs to be done in your life and more importantly do it. At times life will lead you to crossroads where you will have to make a choice. It will be a perfect cross roads with two paths. One top always leads to the light while the other although not necessarily bad is filled with turmoil. You may not have time to think you must make a decision. To practice this daily do what needs to be done in your life now. Do not put off things till tomorrow for if you do tomorrow will never come. Take them out of your life so in life lead you to a crossroads your choice will be clear.

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