Taking responsibility for your health assists you to become aware of the choices you make that contribute to your well-being. All of your choices are important to your health, from the thoughts you think, daily exercise you do or don’t do and every food or drink you consume.

Your “TRUTHFUL” answers to these questions help you take responsibility for your health and form healthier habits. Positive healing energy begins to flood every cell in your being resulting in abundant health and wellness.

As you go about your day, you may feel worried, tired, or anxious due to your concerns about the outside world. You may even feel like not leaving home at all. These emotions are normal. They are telling you to get some much-needed rest.

Stop feeling pressure to succeed or do more than you can possibly do in one day. These pressures, you put on yourself, leave you feeling worn down, stressed, and worried. Consider relaxing outside with a good book, getting a massage, pedicure, or manicure. Treating yourself gently and with care is a wonderful way to alleviate your concerns.

When you take time for yourself, treating yourself with patience, compassion and understanding you are showing God/The Universe you have respect for your body and mind.

When your thoughts are scattered it becomes difficult for you to focus on your many responsibilities. Life’s unpredictability can trigger many tensions. If you find yourself in this predicament, take time to center yourself before continuing your day.

Take time throughout your day to regularly center yourself. Especially when you lose your focus of feel overwhelmed, take a short break to balance yourself as you visualize reenergizing yourself. Take time for a quick snack or cup of coffee as you reconnect with your spirit.

The time you take for yourself is valuable because it reignites your focus to manage multiple tasks with enthusiasm. Without this focus on your sense of purpose, your attention and thoughts become scattered in all directions.

As you center yourself, you take control of your focus and apply this focus in a structured way to become productive. You feel energized, busy, and grounded as you go about your day.

Centering yourself can be achieved in many ways depending on what works for you. You can journal, take a walk, or go to a local park. It may seem like an oxymoron and productive physical activity like exercise, house or yard work can ease your tensions and improve your focus.

Exercise frees the body and mind by using repetitive movements to soothe your mind. Your thoughts are now free to clear your mind.

Today improve your health by seriously looking at your daily habits, foods you eat and anything else you may consume. Use regular exercise and mindful movements to allow your thoughts to freely focus therefore quieting your mind. Gently nurture yourself to cope with the world more easily.

Enjoy the day.