Your humaneness talks of what others have done. “Can you believe it……. ?” “I would never…!” ” Did you hear…?” In doing this you are only demeaning yourself. Gossip does not build you up, it tears you down. It is one of the root misperceptions of life. Why do you defile yourself while you also defile others? Gossip is far away from love. Gossip is so far away from God. Why do you go so far away from God when you want to be so close? Interesting. 99% of all assumptions are false! You assume one thing when really the other is true. Then you say to each other “Well I thought….” or “I just knew you would…”. Speak clearly and listen to yourself. Assume nothing! Be careful how you judge others. In truth you are only judging yourself. Who are you to condemn and criticize ? “Judge not least ye be judged.”

We are all of like minds when we become aware of the truth in life. Wake up! Become aware of the light inside you and you will begin to see the light inside others! We are all one Body, Soul, and Spirit. We are all of like minds! You are perfect just the way you are. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to complete. You are not your job, body, clothes, car or anything else that your “humanness” and society make important. If you were, then when those things aren’t, where are you? Think about it! Everybody thinks they are listening to each other. Actually, you are just trying to figure out what you will say next in order to prove your point! Listen from your heart. Listen! All the answers will be provided. God speaks when you don’t!

 You are never upset for the reason you think. Whatever you think you are upset with is simply your “Ego” protecting its precious self from a truth that is so painful for you to bear. Ask yourself, ” What am I afraid of? ” then the “truth ” for your upset will become clear. Only two emotions exist – Fear or Love. Your choice. You can stay victims of all your little fears or you can face them with a loving attitude and change. Choose wisely!

Become aware of the present moment. In truth that is all you have. Enjoy it! Love it! Learn to live “now” and “here” or you will live being “nowhere” .What you believe is not necessarily true and what is true should not always be believed. Look inside yourself. Get in touch with what you know not what you believe. A belief always includes at least one doubt and a knowing is A Truth!See what you want to be. People not sighted see the truth quicker, clearer only because their egos and their thinking selves stay out of the way. Close your eyes and visualise your path EXACTLY as you want it to be. It will become just the way you see it. You truely will SEE it ONLY When you believe it to be your truth. 

Place importance not on things. For no “thing” is as important as your true loving goodness towards your fellow human or your loving attitude towards yourself. Things are”Nothings!” YOU are VERY SPECIALThe good you see in others is the good that is inside of you! The things about others that irritate you are God’s way – the universes way- Of showing you what you need to work on in yourself! This can be the best gift God can give us. It is all in the way “YOU” perceive it!