A relationship is built on the foundation you build together. 

Your relationships are a reflection of you. the best way to have a relationship is to have a relationship with yourself first. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? All of us have something we want our egos to hide. In a relationship you cannot hide because you will see yourself in the other person. The best way to build a relationship is to build it slowly. Have fun together – build good memories together – then allow your relationship to blossom into what god wants it to be. Today, become aware of all your relationships. 

many people thing they are listening when they are only thinking about what they are going to say next to defend their views! Become aware – are you really listening to the context and the meaning behind the words that people are saying to you? Or are you watching them speak as you think about what to say next to defend your point? People are always talking about themselves – if you REALLY want to know someone, LISTEN. Listen to their words, their tone of voice, their expressions – then you will begin to know the “tune” person behind the mask! Today, begin to really listen. 

Too many people seek affirmation instead of information 

Information is simply the facts – no bias, no judgement. To accept this you must be willing to be wrong! Affirmation is selectively seeking the facts that “fit” your point of view. The facts that will make you right! Let us all strive to make the “information age” more about information – the FACTS and less about all of us being right. Today, seek more information and less affirmation. 

You cannot gain a sense of power in your life while remaining a victim. “you must learn to see the world a new.: (Albert Einstein) This brilliant man transformed the world’s limited understanding of the universe. You cannot create abundance through a mind-set of poverty and you cannot gain a sense of power by identifying yourself as a victim. Find ways to step outside your understanding and see things differently. Change your perception on a situation by looking at it from another point of view. Shift your feelings from anger to compassion and forgiveness. Connect with your Higher Self for more inspired solutions. Open your mind to greater possibilities.