Recognize your pain and honor it by moving through it with awareness. 

Pain is something you must acknowledge. It is a universal “wake up call” from God! The more you “sit on it” (keeping it with you), the more the pain becomes a part of you. By identifying the pain and acting toward understanding it – you can begin a healing process. You can save yourself future through freeing up any energy that is tied up in pain. Empower yourself by identifying the pain – what the feelings or emotions are – what is this pain identifying? What is the root cause? Once you identify the pain you can resolve to act toward healing it. 

Today, acknowledge and process your pain. 

You cannot gain a sense of power in your life while remaining a victim. 

“You must learn to see the world anew,” Albert Einstein. This brilliant man transformed the world’s understanding of the universe. You cannot create abundance through a mind set of poverty, and you cannot gain a sense of power by identifying yourself as a victim. Find ways to step outside of your understanding and see things differently. Change your perception in a situation by looking at it from another point of view. Shift your feelings from anger to compassion and forgiveness. Connect with your Higher Self to be more inspired and open your mind to greater possibilities. 

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