Accept that bouts of dispiritedness are God’s Way of telling you to relax and recharge. A low mood may plague you today preventing you from addressing your lengthy list of holiday duties. You may feel discouraged or irritated by worldly distractions. Relief can be found in the gentle embrace of solitude. You may be dealing with a case of exhaustion from personal responsibilities. In order to regain balance simplify your activities allowing you to regain a relaxed state of being. Today unwind and regain your energy before resuming activities.

Choices should be simple when you follow your heart.

Choices should be simple when you follow your heart. Choices should be simple when you are following your heart. How many times do we make “choices” based on what other people expect or want from us? Your “choices” create your life! In order to live the life you want to live –  YOU – must make the “choices” you need- to make your life happen. Do not allow “the choice” to make YOU into something you do not want to become. Do not allow your “fears” to hold you back from making the “choice” you know is the correct choice for you to make. Follow your heart – the correct choice is right in front of you. Today review the choices you have made – and learn! Enjoy the day!

HOPE –  a most powerful little word and will sustain you through your many misperceptions in life. When you have HOPE you live today planning for an even better tomorrow. You spend quality time loving your family and appreciating your friends. You will utilize humor to help you see things differently. You will set goals and always say, “I CAN”! The most important facet of your life that will steer you towards HOPE is to BE AT PEACE WITH GOD  – PRAY  OFTEN! Today be at peace and pray-  keep your hope alive! Enjoy the day.

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. (Einstein)

The level of thinking that set your problems in motion to begin with is NOT the level of thinking that may lead you to a solution of those problems. You must step “out of the box”. Take a step back and look at things differently. Why are you seeing this as a problem in the first place? How can this be turned into a situation for goodness? How can YOU change your perception of the situation? What do YOU need to learn from this “misperception”! Today change your way of thinking- try seeing things differently. Enjoy the day.