Remember, if you are headed in the wrong direction- God allows U-tums! Do not waste your life going in the wrong direction – staying in a bad relationship or putting up with a boring job. When you find yourself going in the wrong direction make a U-tum and find your true path. Plan to go back to school and get proper credentials or if it is a bad relationship plan the most loving way to end it. You might need to stay in the job/relationship while you plan for the future. Always remember to be as truthful as you can with an employer or your partner so they may also plan ahead. Today make sure you are going in the right direction!

Always make sure you see everything, overlook a lot and correct a little. This Truth of the day applies to all people – parents, employers, employees and ordinary people running day-to-day errands. As you go about your day overlook many of the little errors that occur around you.  See everything by setting a good example to those you meet – especially your children and correct only occasionally as this is the way you would like to be treated. Today practice this truth- use your awareness to see everything – overlook a lot of everyone’s small errors and correct only a little.

We are all sinners, for we are all missing the mark – the mark is to become awake and aware of yourself. You must awaken – become aware –  to your thoughts, your words and your actions. Your world will respond to your thoughts and to your actions when you wake up. To become awake means to become aware of yourself. The easiest way to become aware of yourself is through how you view others. Do you judge them? Are you critical? Do you spread gossip? We all fall short at times and when we become aware of our own shortcomings we can become more compassionate towards others. Today look at yourself and understand how you can see others differently – wake up to you own shortcomings!

True stillness comes from moments of solitude when you allow your mind to settle. There is no effort required to still yourself.  Simply settle down and allow the frantic activities from your day to dissipate from your mind. While quiet your mind will gravitate toward the Holy Power within you. Even muddy water will become clear if allowed to stand undisturbed. In the same way your mind will become clear when allowed to be still. Today allow your mind to settle – find moments of solitude.

Wherever you go the love of God goes with you. Because you are love – composed by love – created out of love-love goes with you into the world. God’s love is expressed through you as – the Holy Spirit – the very embodiment of Divine love. Anything not loving must be forgiven as there is no other choice. Today and always – know the “love of God” goes with you wherever you go.