Say “yes” to You

Recognizing the importance of “time for yourself” is far easier than finding time to take care of yourself every day. Everyone of you has a “well of energy” inside that must regularly be replenished. 

When you function as if you have a bottomless pit of energy, doing an errand after errand, scheduling activities for every minute of the day, you become exhausted, weak, and open yourself up to a variety of illnesses.

Saying “yes” to you may mean you have to say “no” to someone else. It is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. You cannot take of care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. People may say this is selfishness. This is the opposite of selfishness! You can excel in your outer world only if your own needs are met.

 Keep Hope Alive

Hope as you use it through your optimistic attitude, is a powerful force that can be attached to your positive expectations about your future. Optimistic feelings and feelings of Hope are your fuel adding you to create positive energy. This powerful energy attracts more opportunities for success.

You can assist this process by consciously focusing on hopeful outcomes for any project you may have in front of you. When a negative thought creeps into your mind, visualize pushing it out with a positive one. As you get in the habit of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones your optimistic, hopeful outlook becomes stronger with new determination and a strong optimistic outlook, you gain focus and add strength to your intentions.

 Live an Authentic Life

Your “true self” exists and is sometimes buried under fears or learned behavior. This “true self” isn’t an elusive concept of most if you want to find “yourself” by the roles you play throughout life. Your “self” is further hidden by the fact that Society prompts you to suppress your intelligence, your uniqueness, your emotional and spiritual brightness.

In truth you are all “light beings” in a physical body. Your “true self ” exists whether you acknowledge it or not. My hope is that all of you will bring your light forward as you stop burying your light under fears and negative societal teachings.

Consistently Improve Yourself and Your Circumstances 

 When you consistently improve yourself and your circumstances, your process of growth is enhanced. It is easy to just “ride the tide” of where you are now especially if you are somewhat successful.

 When you think of opportunities to keep improving yourself and your circumstances, you continually create more abundance. Your continued Improvement of yourself you become more self-confident. This brings new opportunities you “know” you can accomplish rather than strive to maintain where you are, ask other trusted people how you might improve. With your focus on Improvement, you not only deep in your relationship with yourself, but you also begin a deeper relationship with your loved ones.

Create Positive Change for the Words you Choose

You create a positive change in your life through choosing words that will create a positive picture of Life. Your tone of voice is a particularly important facet of conveying your words correctly.

 As our society moves forward language must examine for any phrase no longer serving Society watch your language carefully 4 phrases like; “Boys Will Be Boys”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “he/she is a problem child” or other phrases that may convey or have a negative back. Children are especially sensitive to these negative phrases and many of us carry these negative stars to adulthood.

Our language is a critical area to begin creating any positive change. Your words have a “ripple effect” as they influence and Inspire others. People subconsciously notice the way other people speak without even thinking about it other people will choose to speak differently.

 Today choose to create a positive change through your words you say.

 Today’s focus on continued Improvement.

 Today shine you’re incredibly special and unique light upon the world.

 Today keep a positive and optimistic Outlook regardless of any challenges you may face.

Today and recognize the importance of “you time.”