As you name your feelings you tame your feelings. This allows you to respond appropriately. You retake control of your personal power through becoming courageous enough to say these feelings aloud. 

When you understand the emotions, you can control them instead of allowing your emotions to control you. This empowers you to let go of any painful feelings as you shift to a healing state. 

Move past any apprehension you associate with expressing your distressing feelings out loud. You will become surprised to discover how liberated and lighthearted you feel. 

Let go of anything that drains you. Take a look at all the circumstances you put your energies into completing. Are these activities feeding your success or are they draining you? 

Choose to sever your attachment to unnecessary personal or financial drains. As you make these choices, you create a sense of freedom and inner peace. With the absence of these draining circumstances, you create balance in your life.

Consciously choose which activities support your success and which activities to let go. 

Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion are three life lessons you must learn to generate peace within you. These three attributes are interesting and hard to learn as the human “ego” will attempt to keep you confused struggling through life. 

Simplicity is important. You always have everything you need when you need it. Why do you want more? Why do you have to have more? Be content with what you have now. Give to others this is how you give to yourself. 

Patience with yourself is important. Have patience to allow God/The Universe to work through you. Practice patience with yourself.

Practice patience with your friends and family. When you pray for patience be careful because God/The Universe will send you trials and tribulations to answer your prayers. 

Compassion for yourself and others is a necessary attribute to have as it gives you a sympathetic understanding of your suffering and enables you to be motivated to assist others to relieve their suffering. 

Today give voice to your feelings, especially the negative ones, as you let them go. Let go of draining circumstances as you create space for peace and balance. Accept your fellow humans the way they are as you achieve simplicity, patience, and compassion.

Enjoy the day.