Choose to keep a calm, centered mindset in all your activities. You will feel focused and enhance your productivity when you choose to keep a calm, centered mind. In this way you will be able to meet your responsibilities as you succeed in all your tasks. You can enhance this effectiveness by choosing to take breaks to release any built-up tensions. (Try deep breathing exercises) Clear your mind of scattered thoughts staying calm to allow focused thoughts into your mind. Today focus on your work successfully and efficiently accomplishing all tasks.

Release thoughts of doubt! When you release “thoughts of doubt” you can create an opening for optimism and excitement. This new energy will provide you with limitless opportunities every day. By choosing to consciously release doubts-you are opening your mind to all of the endless possibilities that exist in your life. This results in feelings of optimism, inspiration and excitement propelling you forward to take immediate action on your opportunities. Today consciously release all doubts from your mind.

True power comes from within. Success does not come from other people or external situations- true power (success) comes from within you! You can respectfully guide others when you respect them – and you cannot respect them until you respect yourself. An effective leader treats everyone as his/her equal – who listens to ideas from those in his/her guidance. (This truth applies to family, friends and work situations.) It is important to treat everyone around you with the same kindness you want to receive. A compassionate leader with quiet strength inspires people to trust and follow. Today remember true power comes from within.

Spend time alone to release confusing emotions. When you are experiencing a tumult of confusing emotions being alone can help you deal with these feelings. It can be difficult to focus on confusing emotions when faced with the demands of work and everyday life. Through being alone and finding stillness you can comfortably access your deepest and emotional issues. No one will judge your feelings or interrupt your search for peace. You can quietly reflect upon your past ( or whatever these emotions are bringing up for you) while staying in the NOW moment! Through this stillness practice reach revelations about your future. Today spend time alone to explore your inner self.