A choice motivated by guilt will not take you where you want to go.

At times, we make choices based on trying to please someone else. These choices are often made out of guilt. Guilt is not loving, it comes from a fear-based mindset. The Universe/God will never reward a “fear based” choice. Rewards from God are always based on love! Guild is a way of controlling a situation or a person through fear. This process will NEVER work as you are operating in fear and not love! Let go of guilt!

We are all learning and teaching together, just in different ways.

We all live in human bodies – we have souls and spirits that are our vehicles as we move through this world. In other words, we are all in the same boat. We may just be rowing with different paddles down different rivers. You use many different tools and/or combination of tools to wade through life. We learn differently and at different rates, yet the outcome for all of us is eventually the same – love, hope and joy.

To find these a balanced approach is always best. When you rely on one thing or one person too much you will loose your equilibrium and fall off your path into the water with no paddle at all! Know that you are never alone – just look around you to seek encouragement, motivation, and role models.

We must be patient with others as this will increase the chances of having our own needs met.

Pause for a moment and carefully consider how your own choices may impact another. Seek to find how you might assist them in their needs. Slow down and be patient when it comes to having your own needs met. Give your time to others and consider how your actions may affect them. It is easy – in our society of technology – to feel rushed and pressured. Put aside your haste and connect to people.

Respond with thoughtfulness and consideration for others.