I love you. How can I when I find it so hard to love myself? I want so much for you to care about me and make me special. First, I must feel special About myself! This is very hard work! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and you are very worthwhile to me. Now I must become worthwhile to myself! Then true love – unconditional love— will be shared between us.

 I feel Joy when I do what I love to do. I think I feel Joy when you pay attention to me and we talk. Possibly, that is the “false Joy” of the “ego”. Am I looking at you to fix me, to make me complete? There is nothing to fix. I am already complete! 

My family is unsupportive. I keep trying to make a family where there is none. Why do I expect things to change? Why do I expect them to be different? Expectations lead to fears and fears lead to negative self-talk. I am in control and I chose to have no expectations of this nonfamily. Therefore, being let down is not a possibility!

 There is nothing to be Frustrated with that I don’t project  into my own little world. These things are as I see them capital n capital o capital T as they are . a H dash dash dash dash – – – this is the frustration!

I am angry with you. No, with myself – I am projecting it at you to save myself and doing that, I lose myself. So, I must face the anger, and feel the pain. I will walk through my fears to become a more peaceful and more loving human being. 

Truth is. That is simple enough. When I stay in the “NOW” and feel my feelings working only on myself, blaming you for nothing, projecting nothing at you, then I am here and there is truth.

Only love is real. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Herein lies the peace of mankind. Peace be with you. Now and always, Go with God,

Your world is as you perceive it to be. If you perceive a hurtful, angry world Then you must be a hurtful, angry person. If you want to change your world you must first change yourself. Feel the anger. Feel the hurt. Feel the fear. Walk through it. Begin to perceive the world you are in as a loving, peaceful place!

 Let go of your fears. You hear the phrase, “let go and let God”  the phrase should say, “letting go is letting God” take control of the life God has created for you to enjoy. Give your human “ego” control and allow God to work through you. Let go of the past. Let go of your misconceptions!

 Faith is our foundation. Faith is your freedom, Have faith and free your fears. Faith is….  something you just do, something you just accept. It is a result of finding within yourself a part of God’s loving Consciousness, which surrounds all of us. You will find faith in your goodness, in your heart of hearts in your knowings and in your soul. You cannot see faith and without it you will be forever blind.

 Forgiveness is the key to becoming our R.E.A.L.. Forgive your past, your present, yourself and go forward into the light. Bringing love, peace, and harmony to the world. Better hurry dash –  it’s almost too late!

Miracles are natural occurrences that happen every day. A miracle happens every time you change your perceptions and begin to see things differently! Miracle comes from having faith. Miracles come from our one loving true God and miracles come from within you! Change your perceptions. Change a miracle!

God is in me. God is in you. God is the loving force that is felt around the world. You must call upon the power of god within you to guide you through your feelings and fears. You must walk through your pain, in order to get to the otherside. You will get there! Actually, – in truth -You already are there – NOW!

 Awaken to the present moment. Waken to your true spiritual self. Awaken to the “Real World” of love. Awaken! Arrive and see, I truly see, your glowing Light Of Love!