Enhance your productivity. By taking time to quiet your mind and renew your focus you will enhance your productivity. Your motivated mind-set will allow you to stay focused, busy and productive. A calmed mind can release your stress. Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on “nothingness”. Repeat a calming mantra for several minutes to relax your thoughts. You might enjoy a quiet park-like setting to refresh your mind and keep your thoughts focused. These frequent periods of meditation contribute to a clear mind and increased productivity. Today enhance your productivity by taking time to quiet your mind and focus.

Give to others without any expectations of anything in return. Become inspired to lend your support to family and friends. See the burdens shared by others and give a helping hand through difficult times. This will strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. Always give your gestures in the spirit of love expecting nothing in return. If you feel resentful because of a lack of appreciation from others, then – do not do anything for them- in the first place! Focus on letting every good deed be its own reward. This will inspire you to feel joyful about your actions. Today make a positive difference in the world by giving to another without any expectations!

The attention you pay others will make your world brighter! When you are feeling upbeat and happy you will find yourself looking for ways to delight the people around you. Allow your compliments to emerge naturally- honestly. Through doing this you are demonstrating esteem and respect for them . When you compliment the people you encounter – take time to admire the outcome. And always remember – the good you see in others is “the good that is also inside of YOU”! Today take pleasure while you place an “unexpected note of positivity” into another’s life.

You can help others today by drawing upon your inner well of compassion. Compassion enables you to look non-judgmentally upon the lives of those less fortunate. There is no shame in needing help- all of us have at one time or another. You have the ability to express sympathy as well as empathy in the form of action. Examine the numerous blessings you enjoy and think of ways you might use your talents to aid others. Today strive to do all you can to ensure someone else’s basic needs are met.