No accident exists in this world. Accidents are simply God’s wake-up call for you to look inside yourself and learn. Every incident, every place, every person has a purpose all good, all loving, all real. Learn the lessons you refuse to learn and accidents will cease to surround you. Reach inside yourself and risk! It is through risking all that you lose nothing and gain everything. If you risk  nothing then you shall lose everything and gain nothing. It is in risking that you grow, learn, and become closer to the peace you seek. Reach inside yourself and RISK!

 Friends, family, bosses, coworkers, your entire world is a mirror of you! If you don’t like something that you see in the mirror, change yourself! Why do I expect you to be different when you can’t? You probably don’t know how. And. And maybe, just maybe, I really don’t want you to be! Only I can change, in order for my “perceptions” to change I must be different – NOT you!  We are all one spirit of unified life. We are all of one spirit. We are all of one soul. To be prejudiced against one means to be prejudiced against all, even yourself. Become one with each other, one loving true spirit, one soul.

 Becoming aware is painful and is the first step you must take to become who you really are. It’s like living in a darkened room and seeing the light for the first time. Your eyes hurt. That is awareness. It hurts. Feel the pain. Feel the fear. Walk through it and go forward.

 Mentally you must detox. Mentally you must cleanse yourself of all that society has attempted to teach you. It will be awkward. it will be difficult. it will become the most worthwhile experience of your life! Your life is a reflection of the choices you have made up to that moment. You have been blessed with the ability to choose. If you don’t like your life, stop making the same choices over..and over…and over again expecting different results. A red stove will always be hot when you touch it! Choose differently! Choose  wisely! Choose again!