Fear is met and destroyed with courage and love! The opposite of love is fear. Just as David had courage to slay the Giant Goliath – you can slay your fears with your courage! First you need to become aware of the fears you hold on to. Next you must sweep them from your mind eliminating ALL “fear thoughts”. Any fears you hold onto will come to pass as you are giving them power. Now gather all of your “loving thoughts” to use as ammunition and with courage confront your fears. In this miracle moment your fears will evaporate just like the illusions they have always been! Today meet and destroy one of your fears!

Your suffering results from your refusal to accept and bless your life just the way it is – right NOW! How many of you try to fix- yourself – your relationship – your friends – your family or any other part of your life? Stop finding fault with your life and start taking part in your life. Enjoy it! Inhabit your life fully with energy, integrity and purpose. Stay present in your life as there is nothing lacking or broken in your life. These parts are misperceptions and must be seen as lessons needing to be learned. Your life is perfect just the way it is! Today stay in the “NOW” moment knowing your life is perfect just the way it is!

The “Law of Attraction”- like attracts like influences all energy. Your thoughts are what make you – YOU! These undistracted positive thoughts create a powerful magnet drawing similar energy into your vibrational field. The longer you hold any positive – R.E.A.L.* – thought in your mind the stronger and more powerful your energy becomes. Makes choices according to the opportunities that will naturally come your way by holding in your mind-field these positive thoughts. Today understand your thoughts have power and your emotions (choices) bring them to life.

Your journey to find a relationship is a journey to find yourself! All of your life experiences and wisdoms are incorporated in your journey to find a balanced relationship. Your relationships -all of them – are a reflection of YOU. Define your “ideals” of what you seek in a relationship – write them down – speak them out loud. Now, YOU become these ideals -(through the choices you make and the energies you expand) and your relationship will magically appear before you. Today write down and speak the ideals you seek in another.