Lift your energy to attract love. You will always attract what you are. When you want to attract love you must first love yourself.  You will then see in your outer world what you are in your inner world. Did you know that more than one half of the people in this world do not open their heart to love for fear of being rejected? They simply wait to be loved so they can love in return. When you feel love towards another and you feel rejection – do not stay stuck in this negative feeling. Learn from it. Learn how to love yourself. Simply focus on Love without expecting anything in return. By lifting your energy in this loving way you will end up attracting the love you desire. Today lift up your energy to attract pure love without expectations, motives or judgments.

A miracle is not the suspension of a natural law but the operation of a higher law. Miracles can be created by God and by you! A miracle occurs every time you have a change in perception and choose to see things differently. When you raise your vibrational level by focusing on the “good” you are creating a miracle. When you forget about perfection and accept yourself as perfect just the way you are – then you create a miracle. Today create a miracle – see things differently.

Your personal power is defined through your gifts (talents)! Use your talents to demonstrate to the world how you understand yourself and your capabilities. The world benefits when you willingly share your talents. All of us have many talents and if you are in doubt as to what your talents or gifts are ask a friend or family member. Ask yourself what do you “enjoy” doing. This can lead you towards defining your talents if you are not yet aware of them. Your earthly existence provides you with many opportunities to explore your purpose and yourself while utilizing your skills to positively touch the lives of others. Today embrace your gifts and allow your talents to shine new light on the world.

The key to happiness is being awake and aware of every moment. Forget becoming absorbed in worry, thoughts about the past, the future, your life or other people. Your happiness is in control when you focus on experiencing joy, peace and contentment in the present moment. The “NOW” moment is all that exists – since the past and future are simply thoughts. Drop this “mental” world to become able to experience a depth of richness, joy and peace in this “sacred” moment of NOW. Today whatever you are doing enjoy it – without allowing negative thoughts, fears, complaints or judgments to destroy the moment.