You create a positive change in your life through choosing words that will create a positive picture of life. Your tone of voice is a particularly important facet of conveying your words correctly.

As our society moves forward language must be examined for any phrases no longer serving society. Watch your language carefully for phrases like; boys will be boys, boys don’t cry, he/she is a problem child or other phrases that may convey or have a negative effect. Children are especially sensitive to these negative phrases and many of us carry these negative scars into adulthood.

Our language is a critical area to begin creating any positive change. Your words have a “ripple effect” as they influence and inspire others. People subconsciously notice the way others speak. Without even thinking about other people will choose to speak differently.

When you consistently improve yourself and your circumstances, your process of growth is enhanced. It is easy to just “ride the tide” of where you are now, especially if you are somewhat successful.

When you seek opportunities to keep improving yourself, and your circumstances, you continually create more abundance. Through continued improvement of yourself you become more self-confident. This brings new opportunities you “know” you can accomplish. Rather than strive to maintain where you are, ask other trusted people how you might improve.

With your focus on improvement, you not only deepen your relationship with yourself, you also begin a deeper relationship with loved ones.

Fixate your thoughts on all that is good and positive. This may be easier to do in the morning hours and as the day wanes on it is easy to become sidetracked by all that is irritating or frustrating.

To ensure you stay positive, take time to notice all the goodness you see in others. Your day will grow brighter as you share your positive comments whether on social media or in person. Positive thinking is easy to do when things are going right for you.

As a human you tend to focus on the negative which leads to lowering your spirit, adding negativity to your world. Try to focus your attention on topics to make people feel good. You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing in some small way, either for yourself or someone else, you made the world better.

You can be the change you wish to see in your world when you change your perceptions to think creatively and do things differently. A change in your perspective and your behaviors moves you past life difficulties with minimal effort.

There are times in your life when you feel hopeless. You keep trying different ways to reach your goals and all have yielded fruitless results. As a human being it is in your nature to assume if you do it again and try just a little bit harder the outcome will be different. This is a huge falsehood! These behavior patterns that happen over and over again can be overcome when you wake up to your awareness of self.

It takes bravery and courage to question your behaviors, choices and change them. With diligence and hard work, you can use new innovative ideas to become the change you want to see in your world.

Today focus on continued improvement. Choose to create a positive change through the words you say. Give a sincere compliment or say a kind word as you spread positivity.

Today wake up to new possibilities as you step away from your circular path to explore an untried path of awareness.

Enjoy the day.