Assist others to choose correctly by first YOU choosing correctly! You cannot make anyone else better or worse. The only person you can “make” better or worse is yourself- through your choices. You can assist someone else and point them in the direction they should go – and you can help someone to make a correct choice. Always remember –  just because you see a choice as being correct for you – it is not necessarily a correct choice for someone else. The very best way to teach other’s how to make correct choices is by your “life example.” In other words, live YOUR life making choices that benefit your

“Higher good”. When people see your life changing they will know it is possible for them as well. Today understand when there is something you want someone to do ( or act like ) then YOU must do (or act) that way first!

Making Choices is Tough Work!

The greatest power in the Universe is faith! Faith provides you the support and insight to direct your life in ways you might never have dreamed of for yourself. Faith carries you through your hardships allowing you to leave the pain behind and grow as a person. Faith transforms your character when you learn to walk in balance during times of good and bad.  Faith is your foundation. Faith frees you from your fears. Faith is something you just do, something you just accept. It is a result of finding within yourself a part of God’s loving consciousness. You will find faith in your goodness, in your heart, in your knowing, and in your soul. You cannot see faith and without it you will be forever blind! Today understand your faith in cooperation with being grateful – encourages you to pursue your dreams.

Life is in a constant state of change. This Truth can provide comfort or it can provide “anticipation stress” as you wait for your situation to change. You must become flexible – adaptable to new ways of doing things. Become a pioneer of doing and seeing things differently. Our society moves forward from outdated rules and laws through change. You might not always agree with the changes yet in order to peacefully survive in society you need to become flexible. Use your “feelings of change” to promote a cause near to your heart. Any change cannot be forced, it must be allowed to flow as it takes its place in our society or in your life. Today choose a project close to your heart where you can make a difference.