Be sure that you are the one making the choices – do not allow anyone else to make the choice for you! 

Choices should be simple when you are following your heart – (your knowings). How many times do you make choices based on what other people expect and want from you? Your choices create your life! In order to live the life you want to live – you – make the choices you want in order to make things happen. Do not allow “the choice” to make you into something you do not want to become. Do not allow fears to hold you back from choices you know you are correct for you to make. Follow your heart (your knowings) – the correct choice is right in front of you. 

Today, review the choices you have made – are there any you need to revise? 

Cut out what isn’t working in your life. 

Choose to actively “edit” your life script. This will empower you. By knowing that you have complete control over your choices – you may choose to keep what does work for you and to “edit out” the choices you have made in error. You are responsible for every experience you create – every bad experience that you hold on to. Begin “editing” your life by thinking about your positive and negative experiences. 

Determine the parts of your life that no longer serve you, and remove them. Now, think of the experiences that bring you happiness, joy and peace! Make these a bigger part of your life. 

Today, “edit your life” and make room for more happiness, love, and wisdom. 

Enjoy the day. 

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