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Mood & Thoughts

By mec1952 | Jan 15, 2022

Accept that bouts of dispiritedness are God’s Way of telling you to relax and recharge. A low mood may plague you today preventing you from addressing your lengthy list of holiday duties. You may feel discouraged or irritated by worldly distractions. Relief can be found in the gentle embrace of solitude. You may be dealing…

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Give Compassion

By mec1952 | Dec 30, 2021

Enhance your productivity. By taking time to quiet your mind and renew your focus you will enhance your productivity. Your motivated mind-set will allow you to stay focused, busy and productive. A calmed mind can release your stress. Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on “nothingness”. Repeat a calming mantra for several minutes…

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Intentional Thought

By mec1952 | Dec 13, 2021

Choose to keep a calm, centered mindset in all your activities. You will feel focused and enhance your productivity when you choose to keep a calm, centered mind. In this way you will be able to meet your responsibilities as you succeed in all your tasks. You can enhance this effectiveness by choosing to take…

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By mec1952 | Nov 27, 2021

Fear is met and destroyed with courage and love! The opposite of love is fear. Just as David had courage to slay the Giant Goliath – you can slay your fears with your courage! First you need to become aware of the fears you hold on to. Next you must sweep them from your mind…

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By mec1952 | Nov 13, 2021

Remember, if you are headed in the wrong direction- God allows U-tums! Do not waste your life going in the wrong direction – staying in a bad relationship or putting up with a boring job. When you find yourself going in the wrong direction make a U-tum and find your true path. Plan to go…

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Excuses & Forgiveness

By mec1952 | Oct 31, 2021

Take what God has given you and make the most of your life! Quit making excuses! I know so many people who instead of taking responsibility for their life and creating the life they really want –  will talk and talk and talk giving reason after reason to “justify” the life they are not happy…

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Good & Worthy

By mec1952 | Oct 10, 2021

You are born worthy – your worth is intertwined with your very being. The concept of your self-worth is reinforced by your actions. I am not talking about self esteem – that is simply how you feel about yourself at any given moment. Your worth is not your intelligence, talent, looks, etc… Your worth is…

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Energy & Personal Power

By mec1952 | Sep 18, 2021

Lift your energy to attract love. You will always attract what you are. When you want to attract love you must first love yourself.  You will then see in your outer world what you are in your inner world. Did you know that more than one half of the people in this world do not…

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Attitude About Life

By mec1952 | Sep 1, 2021

A disciplined attitude will assist you in meeting all of your goals – at work, at home and at school. At times this might mean you set aside an enjoyable opportunity in order to complete a project. At other times, you can discipline yourself to find inspiration through taking time off to relax with family…

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