At the moment of your birth, you are perfectly in touch with God/Nature/The Universe. As you grow much of the “human experience” is removed and you tend to forget you are a product of the natural world. Your feelings are an authentic response to your natural stimulus. When you discover the sites, sounds, and scents of our synthetic world your memory of nature dies. The strength of your connection to nature revives every time you breathe the fresh air or enjoy the pleasures of organic food. Today rediscover your place in the Natural World – become one with God I the Universe/ Nature. Enjoy the day.

Love must always be nurturing and supportive. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Many people are on a journey for love that amounts to trying to stop a “leaky faucet”. When you appear to receive love from an outside source it reinforces the societal belief that love is found outside ourselves. This stops “the leak” temporarily. It does not last. True love must always be nurturing and supportive – no strings attached – supportive of both partners – a REAL relationship with no judgements, expectations, motives or assumptions! Today seek the love you crave inside yourself first. Enjoy the day.

Allow the guidance of your “Higher Self” to take you through  your journey  with wondrous experiences. Wonderous experiences and adventures will excite you when you allow your “Higher Self” to lead your journey through life. Trust this power within you to provide valuable information. New possibilities will open up as you step out of your comfort zone. Do not fear making an incorrect decision as when you trust your “Higher  Self” this is never a possibility. These nudges from your spiritual center will provide you the “gift of confidence” as you go through bolder explorations. Today begin an exciting  courageous opportunity as you follow your Higher Self. Enjoy the day.

Give of yourself without expectation or acknowledgement. It is the simple act of doing something –  anything – for someone else that can make you feel empowered. It does not matter whether you want to help the homeless or make progress with your own personal goals. The point is you take action. By acting you show the Universe /God that you want to make a difference. Your sense of accomplishment is your reward for any job well done. No thanks needed! Today do something without any expectation of acknowledgement. Enjoy the day.

Your “Dramas” if not controlled or handled correctly can become an addiction. Your “Dramas” like anything else are a learned habit and can become an addiction. Many of you are accustomed to a certain amount of turmoil in your life. You can make a new choice. To activate this shift in consciousness from “drama” to “peace” become aware of when your dramas arise. Become conscious of how you respond to them. You can access your Higher Power who will assist you in ways you cannot assist yourself. Today become aware of the dramas that play over and over in your life. Enjoy the day.

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