When you consistently improve yourself and your circumstances, your process of growth is enhanced. It is easy to just “ride the tide” of where you are now, especially if you are somewhat successful.

When you seek opportunities to keep improving yourself, and your circumstances, you continually create more abundance. Through continued improvement of yourself you become more self-confident. This brings new opportunities you “know” you can accomplish. Rather than strive to maintain where you are, ask other trusted people how you might improve.

With your focus on improvement, you not only deepen your relationship with yourself, you also begin a deeper relationship with loved ones.

People who are unhappy give reasons that begin with “if only” …. Reasons such as,” if only I had a better car” or “if only I had a better job” or “if only I could lose some weight” or “if only I were younger.” In other words, “if only” one or

two things in your life would change everything would be great.

This is NOT true. You may dwell on one thing while the real reason for your unhappiness goes unrecognized and unaddressed. When you become aware of the cause of your discontentment, usually within yourself not with anyone else, all your surface concerns have a way of working out. You may need a new car and these surface concerns will not cure the deeper issue.

Stop focusing on external factors. You have created a pattern in your life where you “thought” you were dissatisfied with one thing while you are in “truth” dissatisfied with something else.

This pattern will keep happening to you time after time until you learn. The only person whom you can be dissatisfied with is you!

Today slow down, turn your attention within as you drop” if only” from your vocabulary. Focus on continued improvement.

Enjoy the day.