A disciplined attitude will assist you in meeting all of your goals – at work, at home and at school. At times this might mean you set aside an enjoyable opportunity in order to complete a project. At other times, you can discipline yourself to find inspiration through taking time off to relax with family and friends. Always listen to your knowings to understand which choice you should make. As a child you understood “discipline” to be a word you did not care to hear from your parents. As an adult you know that “discipline” simply means doing what you need to do when you have time to get the job done. In other words ,” do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today”! Today balance your life through acquiring discipline and focus. Enjoy the day.

Become free to pursue your goals. The freedom to pursue your goals without judgement or restriction is one of the basic foundations America was built upon. Those of you in other countries should have this freedom as well. Anywhere you “love” in the world you can feel this “freedom connection” by seeking out like-minded people who you can share your journey and experiences. Through feeling supported it will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Today seek out like-minded people.

Life is made up of experiences. Every time you reject an experience because of a “fear” you are limiting yourself. It might be the fear of being judged, the fear of making a mistake or the fear of being exposed for some reason. When you do this you are cheating yourself out of experiences you need to go through in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. You will make mistakes. The world is full of them. What really matters is how you respond (not react) to those mistakes. Today be open to new experiences in order to learn and become a wiser soul.

There are NO accidents in the Universe. Everything that happens to you – absolutely everything – whether you trip on a shoelace or a boss continuously harasses you – is there to assist you in identifying a feeling that will bring you to the awareness of who you are to become. In that moment identify the feeling. Focus on it so you can learn and let it go – stopping the accidents from happening over and over. Anytime something or someone bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable learn from it instead of trying to sidestep the feeling. Today understand there are no accidents!

Rejoice- feel the joy of being alive! Today feel the joy of being able to choose your highest frequency to vibrate in your life. Celebrate the fact that no matter what is going on in your life – life has a good side. Even when the odds are stacked against you become determined to keep joy in your life as you pursue your worthwhile goals. Perseverance is a virtue that enables you to follow through with all of your ambitions and goals. Make sure you deal with your difficulties, delays and setbacks with hope in your heart that a better plan will unfold. The challenges you face are an inevitable part of your goal realization process. Today keep hope in your heart and the hold on to the joy of being alive!