Are you asleep or awake?

 All of us “think” we are awake. All of us “think” we sleep only at night. I proposed the theory many people if not most people live their lives asleep!

They are sleep to the truth about themselves, yet they see it so clearly in other people! They struggle through life going from one problem to the next as they tell themselves, “I can’t help it” ” or ” it’s not my fault they made me do it. “

What “asleep ” people do not realize is that “problems” or as I say ” misperceptions”, they go through are of their own making! It is the same problem just in a different form. Why do you give your power away to someone else? Probably so you can say it is their fault when things do not work out! 

When you want your life to work you will wake up to your truth, let go of other people’s motives, judgment or expectations and forgive yourself for any past errors.

Becoming aware is always the first step on your truth journey. This type of awareness I call “awareness of self.” Awareness is your key to ignite the spark within you towards becoming all God wants you to be in our world. “Awareness of self ” of yourself is crucial and without completing this step you will stay stuck.

 The easiest way to become aware of yourself is through a theory I learned as, “one finger out you have three pointing back.” When you point a finger at someone else they’re always 3 fingers pointing back at you. Meaning, the good you see in others is the good you have inside yourself and conversely the things about other people that irritate you are God’s way or the universe’s way of showing you what you need to work on in yourself. 

The good you see in others you should always bless as the goodness is in you. When you see something in another person that irritates you or totally hooks you, step back to look at yourself. Understand there is something you need to learn? The other person probably is behaving badly and if it hooks you and you are bothered by what they did day after day after day – it makes you angry or affects your life. My question to you is, “Why are you seeing it this way or what do you still need to learn?

Today become aware there is always something to learn!

 Enjoy the day.